May 21, 2024
Benin dreams big,

Giants of Africa(GOA)-Benin Dreams Big

Head Honcho of Toronto Raptors Masai Ujiri Tasks African youths to dream big at the just concluded GOA camp in Benin republic.

Ujiri got the blueprint of GOA camps from being a camp director at the NBA Basketball Without Borders Camp(BWB)

Being able to scout African talent is what is imperative for Ujiri, and it all comes down to building facilities and organizing camps to help the youth play basketball.

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Since 2003, the month of August of every year is always locked for Hundreds of youths across African countries for the GOA camp which holds in more than seven African countries and counting.

Developing and harnessing leadership potentials in youths is also an imperative that forms part of the growth process.

“As long as I am in a position where I am able to, we have to give the youth a chance. We have to pave a path for them and there is nothing I can’t do. I have to do everything, it is an obligation, I have to be an example for them by creating that pathway.” –Masai Ujiri

The camp has obviously been a monumental success creating eventual super star. The most recent Precious AchiuwaToronto Raptors.

Benin Dreams Big
Benin dreams big, ReboundNG
Cross section of participants
Benin Dreams Big, ReboundNG
Masai Ujiri addresses participants

Fifty teenagers (Twenty five male/twenty five female) from ages 14-18,were selected for participation at the camp which had seasoned coaches in attendance.

The event was held in Cotonou,  Eya Community Centre  -a play ground/park of some sorts built by son of the Benin president Lionel Talon.

Benin Dreams Big

Basketball development in Africa is geometrically progressing and there’s no fluke saying that Masai is part of the catalyst involved in the growth process.

History is being made in Africa and We all are Witnesses!

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Image Credit: Phillip Braide

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