May 28, 2024

Gain Insights into Life Principles from a Basketball Perspective with Host Solomon Terungwa Gyang-Gyang Enjoy the read…

It takes a lot to become a good basketball player, and a lot more to become a great one.

My father said… “Anyone who has what it takes to excel in any sport has the potential to excel in any other endeavor.” I think I agree with him.

The hallmark of sports is testing your limits. It is trying to be the best version of yourself every single day and making it a habit.

It is about disciplining yourself to set goals and working hard to achieve them.

It is keeping to time being consistent and understanding the value of teamwork yada! yada!! yada!!!

I don’t think anyone can name an endeavor (a positive and meaningful one that is) where a person wouldn’t succeed using these principles that is if they properly transfer the application of these values to something else.

But how come only so few athletes manage to make this transition?

We all have heard tales about how superstar athletes fell from great-fresh grace to not-so-great dry grass just a few years after retirement.

Obviously enough, so many of them just cannot seem to find a way to be effective outside their sport and I wonder why.

A certain amount of intra-personal intelligence for athletes to identify the inherent qualities that make them excel in sports.

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Unfortunately, many of them fail to identify these capabilities because they are unaware that they even possess them in the first place. So they just play.

Can you blame them? No. It is hard enough trying to excel as an athlete.

The competition is stiffer than ever, the stakes are higher than ever, and the politics are straight-up dirty. Plus you are a ball player, not a psychologist. How can you transfer what you cannot Identify? Is there a way?

Well! You’ve come to the right place! Ok, no you haven’t Lol. I’ll just tell you what works for me.

Do you want to know my secret hack? Here it is! I simply relate whatever situation I find myself into a basketball setting.

Yeah, I know I know right? You’re probably like “That’s it?” or you’re like “Boo!” But hear me out.

For the real baller, when a situation is related to basketball, he or she switches to instinct mode (the same way a cat instinctively crouches while stalking prey), and because the real baller is subconsciously conditioned to think STRATEGY, it’s pretty much automatic.

But it also takes conscious effort to take the unfamiliar scenario and make it familiar, to tap into the Athlete Mentality, thus making the right decisions and actions seem quite obvious consequently making the individual more decisive and motivated to win and leave it all on the floor wherever or whatever the floor is.

For example; let’s say you’re running a business and you’re sizing up the competition if you’re thinking in a basketball way, you may ask questions like:

  • Who’s my opponent?
  • What are his strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What strategy are they using?
  • What counter-strategies should I use?
  • What are the environmental factors?

Come on… Doesn’t this analysis sound a bit SWOT-ish?

And hey, I don’t just mean comparisons to basketball as a game, but also the basketball life.

Just as when you’re going for a job interview, you probably would want to be prepared to the teeth, the same way you would if you were going to try out for a team because you know some people want the same spot you want too!

Or on a deeper level especially in most cases in basketball, bigger taller players naturally have more advantages than the shorter smaller guys.

Every coach wants the big guy I mean after all you can’t teach height or size, the small guy has to work twice as hard.

In reality, some have to overcome more obstacles than others to get similar results and that’s just life.

So are you going cry to Mommy about it? Or will you dunk in the big man’s face? That’s perspective here.

But I must say, there are no guarantees that what works for me (sometimes) would work out for someone else like you.

But I think it’s worth a try after all what do you stand to lose? except maybe me gloating saying “I told so” You never know what you may find.

Solomon Terungwa Gyang-Gyang Writes


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