May 22, 2024

Kaduna Basketball: Despite the unrest and constant attacks around kaduna and its environs, fans of basketball came out in their numbers for the Governor’s cup.

Contrary to the caption “Governors Cup”, the event was solely sponsored by the Kaduna State Basketball Association in the hopes that there might be some sort of government interference.

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With high hopes that the government of the day would tap into grassroots sports the organisers decided on the viral name.

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Kaduna is no stranger to hosting epic basketball tournaments as the culture of hoops has steadily gained firm tap roots amongst the teaming youthful population and fans of sport in KD.

From Foreign agencies hosting camps PlayGround Ratersto camps hosted by former basketball players. Not forgetting the strong presence of Basketball academies like FGEI, Real Ones, TopTeenz etc.

The city of KD has played host to quite a number of competitions on a yearly basis, and its not set to stop anytime soon.

As always Kaduna Basketball fans are always ecstatic about basketball games, as they watch their home grown stars do the most.

The fun, the glitz, the glamour, the action, the dunks, the no-look passes all form part of the experience every one fan wants to reminisce about.

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Thats KD for you!

A Governor’s Cup for the Books!

The underlying team of the competition however was in sensitizing of everyone attendee/participant to get their PVC(Permanent Voters Card).

This is part of the effort in ensuring that the preferred candidate is voted in by active participation of the youths.

This however debunks claims that a particular political party was being favoured.

Based on insider report, REBOUNDNG can bodly say that the competition or sensitization is not in any way favourable or in alliance to any politician/party.

The indoor sports hall of Ahmadu Bello Stadium housed the various teams  jostling for bragging rights.

A total of eighteen teams (Six female and twelve male teams) participated in event which ran through from the 14th of July 2022 and rounded up on the 17th of July 2022.

Registered Male Teams;
  • Red bulls
  • Aspire
  • Kada Kings
  • Top teenz
  • T.V. Regents
  • Oilers
  • Gunners
  • D Block
  • Fresh Stars
  • Real Ones
  • Five Fingers
  • AGF
Registered Female Teams;
  • FGEI
  • Kada Queen
  • Great Minds
  • Real Ones
  • B Warriors
  • Queen Warriors

Check here for Pictures of the event.

Final Notes

Greatminds and T.V. Regents emerged champions in the female and male category respectively.

Below are the MVP’s of the Female and Male category after their stellar performances on helping their teams clinch top spot.

Kaduna Basketball
Sarah Alhassan- Great Minds
Kaduna Basketball
Francis Nnoruka- T.V. Regents

Below are the top five key players in the just concluded competition.

Male Category

Nnoruka Francis– T.V.Regents, Isaac Olaniba– Oilers, Habib Hassan– Fresh Stars, Paul Dibal– T.V.Regents, Bola Folorunsho– Real Ones.

Female Category

Sarah Alhassan– Great Minds, Precious Danlami– Real Ones, Khadija Shehu– Great Minds, Benny Mike– Great Minds, Elizabeth Christopher– Real Ones.

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