May 19, 2024

The female national team D’tigress are yet to catch their breathe from the recent actions of the apex body, they get another WOW surprise.

The wow effect under a space of 48 hours has been sort of eye popping to all basketball enthusiast in the country and beyond.

The social media space has been in a frenzy mode ever since both eye popping announcements have been made and different opinions have been made.

However, one thing is certain; this recent open tryout even though it’s a good move, might not be the best of times for D’Tigress.

With the recent Afrobasket competition less than a month from today, the move seems more like an haphazard act of desperation.

On the brighter side, having an open tryout global decent enough an idea, but then there is an existing team already and by all standards they ought to have been in camp by now in preparations for the continental fixture.

Different views from have been sampled as seen below;


While many think this is an actual insult to the present team members, others think it is a good move by the board to bring in young and game hungry players.

Sources confirmed to ReboundNG that members of the team where not even aware of this development.

This goes to show the level of regard and respect the board has for the players who have steadily given their all regardless of unfavorable circumstances.

Yet another source speculated that this current move seems like a backlash on D’Tigress.

Recall that some time ago, members of the team had a row with the board on issues concerning funding. As at then it was a national issue and some of the players even had to speak out.

A different opinion states that there is some form of power tussle amongst top brass in the apex body and as such the players are at the receiving end.

The above may be speculations, but then all sides of the dice needs to be viewed with keen interest.

A view at the fliers below shows the dates and venues of different tryouts.





Nigerian basketball fans are yet to recover from the recent ill treatment done to the U-16 Players read more here which was obviously serious matter of discuss, it’s obvious the board is not done with Pandora’s Box.

Recall that D’Tigress has a fantastic winning record on the continent and is poised to equal team Senegal’s quadruple Afrobasket record, having won the title three times.

As at the time of the report, we are yet to get a concrete statement from any of the team members but then their silence could mean alot.

Or is it a case of getting black balled after speaking out? The politicking going on at the apex body is crashing the game of basketball across all levels.

Stake holders are concerned about the future of the hoops game in Nigeria and the expectations of the new board since taking over office has been nothing short of below par performance.

We hope this gets required attention of people who hold the reigns of power to  salvage our basketball.

As always we are poised to bring you more updates as events unfold.

Special thanks to Kenny Bamidele

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