May 21, 2024

Nigeria Basketball- Few days ago literally everyone was singing the praises of the nation’s under sixteen women’s basketball team as they blow out their Ghana counterparts in the FIBA Africa zone 3 qualifiers.

It was an easy blowout on the part of the girls as they left nothing to chance in the obviously one sided game which took place at Accra,Ghana.

Their male counterparts sadly couldn’t replicate the same historical win as they fell by two points short.

Although both teams qualified for the final round of qualifiers despite the male team’s loss which is scheduled for July 13-23, 2023 in Tunisia.

In the euphoria of the female team triumph, there are however major concerns about the welfare of these players.

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Nigeria basketball is not new to issues like this especially when it comes to financial brouhaha as it affects the players.

Dear reader, it will interest you to know that the under sixteen players where given just 1knaira(One thousand naira) which equals less than 2$ in today’s exchange rate.

They where given that amount in the morning and also in the evening.  So they are simply worth less than 3$ each day…. Crazy

As at the time of this report, ReboundNG has confirmed that the NBBF officials are yet to add extra money(If there’s any).

While we frown at such pittance given to these kids despite their stellar performance at the qualifiers, we would not fail to call out the management for such a public display of negligence.

Sources also confirmed that they travelled by road to Ghana.  With the current security challenges being faced  in the country at the moment this is a high level of recklessness.

We do not know if the ministry is aware of this development, but then efforts have been made to reach the NBBF top brass to debunk these claims unfortunately it has proved abortive.

Insider source’s also confirmed that the kids where advised not to say a word of this financial mishap to anyone.

It is very obvious that there is foul play somewhere. Otherwise the kids would not have been told to keep mute.

The screenshots below further proves the obvious;

Nigeria basketball

Nigeria Basketball

Nigeria Basketball

Hopefully we hope the NBBF makes a statement about this to clear the public opinion.

How long do we keep treating athletes this way? For goodness sake these kids just want to play ball and seem excited as seen on the chat, why prey on their negligence and naivety?

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To do what is right doesn’t take rocket science, but then the system is choked with unscrupulous elements and as such things like these take centre stage.

May God help us all!


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