May 21, 2024

In the euphoria of the nation’s independence celebration, the Nigerian basketball ecosystem seems to be on the brink of  a downward plunge.

The National apex body of the hoops game which is supposed to be the regulatory and organizational body nationwide seems to be CLUELESS at this stage..

Riding on the wave of the dual elections held for top positions on the board and eventually clinching the ticket with brute force and might from all facets, it is expected that the much-needed change should be rolled out by now.

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Although it is nothing new in the Nigerian Basketball scene, as obvious square pegs seems to be in round holes and this has hindered the progress and growth of the hoops game.

It is sad that the apex body in all its might have chosen to ignore the pleas of  budding Nigerian basketball players for a functional league system which is to say the least.

Different factions have continuously cried for a change in the status quo, but it seems the high and mighty seated at the board are hell bent on towing the path of shame with their nonchalance and obvious clownery.

Speaking in defense of their half-baked success, they would rather scream at “Stadium Sound” about the national team success…for some reason we would let that slide.

Fellow African Nations which sadly we think we are better than have functional leagues and by someway have attracted foreign entities including the NBA to invest in those programs.

We ought to be ashamed of ourselves!

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Outside the fact that the NBA Has an outlet parastatal in Lagos, can we count another?

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Lets not even go too far, the league is dead no functional and sustainable program to encourage and develop budding talents irrespective of the tons of cash being rolled in from the  parent ministry.

Apart from private entities holding hoop programs, clinics and the likes, these kids literally are redundant virtually all year round.

These leads to them taking up different vices leading to societal nuisance.

Thanks to the like of Crown Elite Sports, Igoche Mark, OBN Academy, Upcoming Hoop reality TV Show Star X and lots of others, the hoops culture is still alive.

Doing the needful is really very simple! Grow our domestic league and have grassroots programs in place for development.

The funds are there, but the board seems clueless. Playing boardroom politics with the future of Nigerian basketball.

The height of this cluelessness was shown in a recent invite by the apex body to Military and Para-Military organization for basketball competition. Pathetic!

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This recent act further showboats the level of unseriousness and pettiness on the part of the apex body.

Happy 62nd birthday Nigeria! To serve with heart and might seems like a far cry now, but there’s hope and light at the end of the tunnel.


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