May 28, 2024
Nigerian basketball.

Nigerian basketball has in recent times grabbed national headlines on major national dailies due to the in-fighting and seeming unending power tussle in the quest for either continuity/consolidation or new policy reforms.

At various points in this post or any other, opinions and mindset of all basketball stakeholders would be sampled.

This is not anyway intended to raise brows or throw online punches, but for all parties to see each other as part of the growth and a tool for the development of basketball in Nigeria.

It is also important to note that is not in any way affiliated with either side of the divide.

It would only mirror the opinions of all stakeholders in the ongoing or already quenched fracas existing in the national body.

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This post; captioned from the African classic of renowned author James Ngugi throws an anti-charade-like horizon on the actual subject matter. Apologies if it seemed too wholesome or verbose.

Anyone following the already existing narratives as displayed all over the media, especially social media, can only marvel at the boldness and in most cases shake their head in share disapproval of the utterances, actions, and inactions of the so-called ELDERS of Nigerian Basketball.

For want of time and space, we would not go into details about the origin of the fracas that birthed the two elections held at different locations and the emergence of two capable presidents to run the affairs of the apex body.

“It’s an open secret that needs no introduction whatsoever”.

One arm of the divide needs a breath of fresh air, the obvious opposition wants to continue and consolidate.

In all fairness, both parties have good intentions and seem capable[to use the least of words].

The take in most quarters of the opposition was the lack of attention and the obvious ignorance of grassroots basketball.

While this is a huge letdown as far as the progression of the game is concerned, the growth of any nation in sporting activities lies in grassroots development and inclusion in existing policies as well as engagements.

The NBA is a popular example of such grassroots development and inclusion.

Virtually everyone knows about the massive exodus of teenagers every year to the US for basketball inclusion and development. Something their country couldn’t give them.

On the contrary, many do not make it to the NBA which is the supposed target, but the chances of a better life are almost always assured thereafter.

However as directed by the world body of basketball FIBA, a date was slated for the election and as absurd as it may sound two elections were held at different locations in the country, producing two presidents as well as different board members.

Each part of the divide claimed the authenticity of the election held. The events that followed were laughable, as each paraded himself as NBBF chair.

Various interviews were granted to different media houses and at some point, it became a circus show.

The world apex body had to step in by disqualifying the country’s female basketball team from the upcoming competition it already qualified for and also the ban placed by the federal government on international basketball activities due to the in-fighting amongst stakeholders.

In a twist of events, the world body somehow upheld and recognized the election producing Engr Musa Kida(incumbent NBBF chair) as the incoming President of the NBBF.

As if that was not good enough, the federal government of Nigeria lifted the two-year ban earlier placed.

Nigerian Basketball, ReboundNG
Engr Musa Kida-NBBF President

It was an overjoyed reaction from basketball netizens on social media to share their feelings on the recent events. In the end, no one is bigger than Nigerian Basketball…

“Big win for Nigeria Basketball biggest news for me this week. Hallelujah somebody!!!”-Queen Moseph GoldenVoice

“Toh!! E done set!!!
Sorry folks that may not like this news. While I appreciate your stand as concern too for a better development of the game here, but the plurality of the people’s yearning has prevailed!”-Yusuf Y-Ten Ma’aji

While some members of the aggrieved quarters are yet to acknowledge this new development as well as the New President of NBBF, this news is seen as a breath of hope.

We sincerely hope that the new administration would do the needful in terms of the inclusion of homegrown talents and also develop the game at the grassroots level.

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