May 20, 2024

JOS– The Naija Yankee city is taking centre stage in basketball razzmatazz and Phidash Basketball Academy is at the epicenter this time.


A little bit of history about Phidash Basketball Academy for your delight would be necessary before we proceed yeah…

Based in Jos, the academy is focused on helping kids grow in the game of basketball, by teaching them basic rules as sighted below.

Organising coaching camps, drills camp, 1-1 tournament, shooting tournaments basketball games and tournaments etc to keep the kids actively invloved in the long run.

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They are also involved in scouting for potential colleges and clubside’s. While nuturing the kids in prioritizing their education.

And on the business side of things they are huge on the supply of all forms of basketball gears.

In all these, their vision of making basketball seen, felt and loved by kids while being used as a tool for unity and mental health improvement has been outstanding.


With the routine basketball events going on, the academy decided to spice things up a bit by organising a three point shoot out today (20th May 2023).

phidash Basketball Academy

Registration for the event is free, and as at the time of this article all registration has been put on hold, and all participants have been notified.

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The competition has both male(12) and female(8)  participants with mouth watering cash prizes.

  • Male Winner- 40K
  • Female Winner- 60K
  • Consolation prizes

Venue for this event is basketball court Azi Nyako Youth Centre, Jos. Time check is 1:00PM.

Although a shooting contest, there are strict rules stated below would serve as a guide to determine the eventual winner.

  •  60second to make 21points, highest points wins.
  • Every shooter will come with His/Her rebounder.
  • One ball on each side of the court, but must be taken off the ball rack once the whistle goes to signal start.
  • In case of a tie, first shot after the whistle breaks the tie.
  • Note that your rebounder holds the key to you winning or losing by how He/she controls the flight of the ball after every shot.
  • If you step on the line at any point at anytime, it will be cancelled.
  • You can shot at any part of the court and change location as much as you can, if you got what it takes.

See flier below for more details.

Phidash Basketball Academy

By this time tomorrow, we would know who got shooting bragging rights in J-Town. Steph Curry. ain’t got nothing on them!

Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to carry on in spite of fear.


Image Credit: Phidash Basketball Academy 

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