May 19, 2024

In the heart of Jos, Nigeria, Phidash Basketball Academy has been making waves in nurturing young talent and helping aspiring players achieve their dreams.

As a premier basketball institution, they are dedicated to inspiring dreams and nurturing sporting greatness with a strong emphasis on education.

The academy provides a holistic approach to player development preparing young athletes for success on and off the court.

ReboundNG seeks to explore Phidash Basketball Academy’s transformative impact and commitment to shaping the next generation of basketball stars. Enjoy the read.


Phidash Basketball Academy stands as a shining example of an institution dedicated to nurturing sporting greatness while prioritizing education.

From its humble beginnings, the academy has evolved into a platform that shapes young athletes into well-rounded individuals by combining rigorous basketball training, academic support, mentorship, and life skills development.

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The academy prepares its students for success on and off the court and shows a strong commitment to producing athletes of exceptional talent, character, and academic achievement as a testament to their vision of creating a brighter future for aspiring young athletes in Jos and beyond.

Philemon Dimka’s personal experiences have fueled his commitment to creating a supportive environment for young athletes to thrive and achieve their dreams.

Phidash Basketball Academy stands as a symbol of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of basketball.


Founded with humble beginnings, rooted in a passion for basketball and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of young athletes.

It started as a small initiative with limited resources but abundant determination led by visionary leader and coaching staff, the academy aimed to provide a platform for kids to develop their basketball skills and foster personal growth.

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Through rigorous training programs, specialized coaching and exposure to competitive environments, the academy instills discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic in its students.

Phidash Basketball

By focusing on technical skills, tactical knowledge/fundamentals, and physical conditioning Phidash Basketball Academy, Jos prepares its athletes to compete at the highest levels.

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Phidash Basketball Academy Jos seamlessly integrates faith with basketball training, competitions, and everyday life.

Athletes are encouraged to apply biblical principles such as teamwork, integrity, and perseverance both on and off the court.

Regular devotionals, prayer sessions, and discussions about faith help to nurture a deep spiritual connection and enable the athletes to develop a holistic approach to their athletic pursuits.

Without His grace and guidance, everything falls short, as it is the unwavering love of God that remains constant regardless of victory or defeat.


One of the distinguishing factors of Phidash Basketball Academy  is its unwavering commitment to education.

Recognizing that academic excellence goes hand in hand with sporting success, the academy places a strong emphasis on ensuring that its students achieve a well-rounded education.

By integrating academics into the training schedule, providing tutors, and promoting a culture of learning, Phidash Basketball Academy ensures that its student-athletes excel not only on the court but also in the classroom.


Beyond basketball skills and academic achievement, the academy understands the importance of mentorship and life skills development hence the fostering, nurturing and providing a supportive environment where experienced coaching staff serve as positive role models for the students.

They provide guidance, instill values, and teach life skills that will benefit the athletes beyond their basketball careers just as one of their core values states; “To produce well-rounded individuals who can excel not just in sports but also in life“.

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We also shed light on Dimka’s remarkable personal basketball journey.

Following his successful stint with DD Magics, Dimka Philemon Helpus joined Tapgun Rockets, where he continued to excel both as a player and captain.

His on-court prowess, combined with his ability to inspire and motivate his teammates, solidified his reputation as a respected figure within Northern basketball hemisphere.

He later played for Bauchi Nets and Plateau Peaks, adding to his experience and contributing significantly to the success of the teams and also leading his teams to victories in significant competitions, including the All West African University Games against ABU (Ahmadu Bello University) and ATBU (Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University) at Bayero University Kano.


Under the leadership of Dimka Philemon Helpus, Phidash Basketball Academy is not just an institution dedicated to the sport but a platform for personal growth, resilience, and triumph.

Phidash Basketball
Dimka Philemon (Far Right)

Driven by his lifelong dream and fueled by his personal experiences, Dimka Philemon established the academy to serve as a platform to develop basketball skills, foster discipline, and provide guidance for young players aspiring to make their mark in the sport.

Through his academy, Helpus aims to provide a nurturing environment that emphasizes personal growth, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.

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