May 28, 2024

The business of basketball has not really witnessed impressive growth and development in Nigeria over the years, despite to the country’s growing passion for the sport.

However it is an attractive market for businesses and investors to tap into the country’s potential.

In this article, we will explore the economic potential of basketball as a business in Nigeria and the opportunities for investment and development in the sport.


There are lot of young persons actively involved with basketball on different fronts, but sadly this does not fetch them the required income they need.

Basketball Business

As we begin to take the a leap towards professionalism, it is high time entrepreneurs and investors take a deep dive into this money spinning sport.

Nigeria presents a vast market opportunity for the sport, which can drive significant economic growth and development.



Games and tournaments attract large crowds, which can provide a significant boost to the local economy via ticket sales, merchandise/gears, food, beverage and other related services.

The above if done right, can stimulate economic growth in the entertainment and hospitality industries.

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In addition to the direct economic benefits of basketball, the sport can also create employment opportunities for Nigerians.

The development of the sport requires a range of professionals, including coaches, referees, and desk officials, event management, broadcasting etc.

This professionals can provide valuable services to the industry and help to drive its growth and development.


Furthermore, the growth of the basketball industry in Nigeria can also lead to the development of related industries such as sports apparel, equipment(balls, training apparatus), merchandise(jerseys/track suits) manufacturing.

Basketball high top shoes are a trend favorite among youths both home and abroad as well as Jerseys that can be worn at almost all times by literally anyone.

The likes of AFA Sports has been actively involved in this sector but we sincerely need more persons to boost the competition and creativity.

These can create additional business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors looking to tap into the growing demand for basketball-related products and services.


Sponsorship and TV rights deals can generate significant revenue for basketball teams, leagues, and events.

This revenue can be used to invest in the development of the sport and to improve the overall fan experience.

It can also provide increased exposure for basketball teams and leagues, potentially reaching a wider audience.

The tv rights and sponsorship revenue can also be used to invest in the development of new basketball arenas and the upgrading of existing ones, thus creating jobs in the construction and related industries.


Broadcasting and media rights are major sources of revenue for the NBA and other basketball leagues.

With the growing popularity of basketball in Nigeria, there is a significant opportunity to develop broadcasting and media infrastructure to support the coverage of the sport.

Social media has allowed fans to connect with their favorite players and teams, and live streaming has enabled fans to watch games and events from anywhere in the world.

Investors can explore opportunities to partner with local broadcasters or set up dedicated basketball channels to showcase games and events.


As more young Nigerians take up the sport, there is a growing demand for coaching services and player representation. The former being highly sort after.

With most schools adding basketball to their sporting curriculum, the demand for coaches has doubled.

Contract negotiations, career management, marketing/endorsement deals and legal representation are the many jobs of a player agent, only of cause when there is a functional league.

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The recent Crown Elite All Star event and previous ones before that had a rich blend of cheerleading.

Cheer leading,mascots and fan clubs all play a key role in boosting team spirit and creating a lively, energetic atmosphere at basketball games.

They help to generate excitement and enthusiasm among fans and players alike, which can help to improve team performance and morale.

Their performances, chants, and antics can help to keep fans engaged and entertained throughout the game.

NB: Team mascots in the NBA earned a ton of money yearly. See how much they earn here.


Building new basketball arenas and upgrading existing ones can create jobs and stimulate economic growth in construction and related industries.


Major basketball events such as international tournaments, league championships, and all-star games can attract visitors from other countries, contributing to the growth of the tourism industry.

Qatar recently earned the rights to host the 2027 Men’s FIBA competition. Due to the tourist attractions and grandé locations, there would be a huge influx of persons to Qatar during the event.


The Nigerian basketball industry has significant economic potential, and there are numerous opportunities for investment and development in the sport.

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By investing, investors can tap into the growing demand for basketball in Nigeria and help to drive its growth and development.

And as the sport continues to gain popularity in the country, such development can put Nigeria on the pathway of becoming a  basketball powerhouse in Africa.

This is a clarion call on stakeholders, Investors and corporate bodies to dive in and get a piece of the pie! This has to work so far it is devoid of government interference.

Special recognition on this article goes to Uncle Ajibarede Bello who ran so that we could fly!


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