May 22, 2024

What did you hear about Topfield College Lagos?…….. Outsides the fact that they may be just another college in Eko city, they may not strike you as a top-notch school right? Fine. Now, this is where you get blown away. Read on…..

Brief History About Topfield College

Opened on the 5th of October 1998(approximately 24 years ago) Topfield is located at No 1 Agbolade Onasanya Close, off Cardoso street Awodi-Ora, Apapa Lagos.

Topfield college seems like a regular secondary school in Lagos, but just when you think they are a normal college like the others, then there is a break away from the norm. Their sports program is totally off the hook.

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As part of the educational policies, Topfield college has been able to perfectly inculcate the game of basketball as part of the sports-related programs.

Much like every other school does or so it seems.

What started as a mere recreational activity via an installed upright in a clear patch area in the school premises has blossomed a must-played/must-loved sport by virtually everyone. Basketball indeed finds a way!

In a recent chat with Basketball Program Co-Ordinator Onasanya Agbolabo M he outlined some of the WHY’s/INTENTION for the basketball program;

“As an extra-curricular activity for the students , an introduction to the students as foundation to the concept of a student athlete, to create a competitive basketball team which acts as a platform to project the school and give it’s students a chance to explore sports as a career and character building tool”. -Onasanya Agbolabo M

And So the Grind Begins.

Nicknamed “Golden Topfield Basketball Team”  something however stood out for Topfield college that caught the eye of REBOUNDNG media team. Their Basketball Team had HUSTLE!

Since their foray into Mainstream Highschool basketball in 2012( Milo Secondary School District qualifiers), Topfield college seem to be on growth serum.

With each  participation came a bagful of experience and lessons.

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Initially fielding only the Male team in competitions, the program grew exponentially and currently have a female team which seems to be the best in Lagos metropolis.

topfield college topfield college

Growth is constant, and opposing teams are becoming more aware of the emerging power house in High school basketball.

The Basketball program which was introduced 10 years ago started out under pioneer Coach Anthony Obiora Ike. 

The team is currently under the tutelage of  Godspower Anokam an alumni from the school basketball program.

Below are some notable alumni form the schools basketball program; Ginika Ofoegbu, Daphne Olughaho, Okih Grace, Opene Nathaniel, Ekpoma Emmanuel, Nweke Uchechi and many others.

Their mission is simple; To keep being  Stakeholders/Shareholders in the game of Basketball in Lagos and Nigeria by building a sustainable, viable and competitive platform in the emerging Basketball Ecosystem.

They are currently one of the Top Teams in Lagos and South West and both male and female teams have qualified for the Nestle Milo National Finals. Go and verify!

Topfield college have begun etching their name in the Lagos state and indeed the national high school basketball sands of time by not only representing the state in various age cadres, but also rolling in medals along the way.

topfield College

Below are some of the feats achieved since the 2021/2022 academic school season begun;

-Doregos Inter School Basketball Championship
Girls-1st place
Boys-Quarter Finalists

-AKOFA Ivy League Basketball
Girls-1st Place
Boys-1st place

-Milo Basketball State Qualifiers
Girls-1st Runner up
Boys-1st Place

-Junior AKOFA Ivy basketball League
Girls -1st place
Boys-1st Place

-South West School Games State Qualifiers
Girls-1st Runner up
Boys-1st Place

-Milo Basketball Championships Western Conference
Boys -1st Place.

-Milo Basketball Championships Nationals
Boys-3rd Place

-AKOFA Champions of Champions 2022
Boys-1st Runner up

-South West School Basketball Championship
Boys-1st Place.


One thing is definitely certain and all other high schools across the nation should take note; Topfield College aka “Golden Topfield Basketball Team” is coming.

The nation’s bragging rights for the dopest high school basketball team  would be keenly contested going forward….ooops they are already there.

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Image Credit: Onasanya Agbolabo


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