May 29, 2024


Nigeria basketball growth has been a subject of discuss for nearly over a decade and counting.

Basketball as a sport has rapidly grown in popularity in Nigeria and over the years the country has had a rich history of producing talented ball players.

As the sport continues to grow nationwide, it is important to take a holistic look at its growth potential, the challenges faced and the opportunities for developmental progress. 

Hakeem Olajuwon, is unarguably one of Naija’s best export and one of the greatest basketball players of all time”.


The potential for basketball to continue growing in Nigeria is significant.

The sport has already made decent progress in recent years, with the influx of private individuals hosting various competitions and programs for indigenous teams/players.

Also the participation of  Nigerian national teams and Nigerian clubside’s in international competitions such as the Afrobasket, FIBA World Cup, Olympics and most recent BAL competitions held in Africa further stamps the concept.

In addition, there has been a significant increase in the number of young Nigerians who are taking an interest in the sport at different levels.

One of the key factors driving the growth of basketball in Nigeria is the availability of opportunities for young people to get involved in the sport.

There are now several basketball academies and training programs across the country that have been set up to help young Nigerians develop their skills and build careers in the sport.

Although we cannot authoritatively say that there are now more opportunities for Nigerian basketball players to play professionally within the country. Oops, Scratch that.

And this is due to the  fact that the League which was once thriving has been on sleep mode for years and the apex body in charge seem to turn a blind eye.[We would talk about this in the next paragraph].


There have been several challenges affecting Nigeria basketball growth in as much as the  sport is gaining widespread recognition nationwide.

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As highlighted below but not entirely limited, here are some of the issues faced with the hoop sport in Nigeria.


One of the greatest challenges is poor infrastructure.

Many of the basketball courts in Nigeria are poorly maintained, dilapidated and some do not meet international standards.

Nigerian Basketball Growth

At the moment only a handful of courts[some privately owned] have standard facilities for use, and the cost for accessibility/usage is on the high side not to talk of the location in most cases.

“Objectively, some courts in selected parts of the country[mostly in Lagos] have been renovated to standard by private bodies.”

The lack of modern basketball facilities, such as indoor arenas and outdoor courts, has been a significant challenge to the growth of the sport.


Lack of funding and support for the sport which makes it difficult for young players to access the training and resources they need to succeed.

Investors and sponsors are often reluctant to invest in Nigerian basketball due to the lack of infrastructure, inadequate facilities, and the absence of a well-established professional league.


Training resources such as gears, equipment, shoes may not be readily available due to the cost implication which most times the players can’t afford.

In recent times private individuals both home and abroad have taken it upon themselves to provide some of these training gears for players.

The likes of Time Out for Africa, Gideon Omokhudu George and a host of others have been filling in that gap. We are also using this medium to call on more persons to join in this project.


Alot of Nigerian basketball players lack exposure, especially on the international scene.

Despite the progress that has been made in recent years, many young Nigerian players still struggle to gain exposure and recognition outside of the country.

 This can make it difficult for them to secure scholarships or contracts with overseas teams, which can limit their opportunities for development and progress.

“An objection to this however is the fact that social media has come to stay and as such it is important that players should be able to maximize it’s potential by putting out their content for all to see”.

For more context on the above kindly check this post; The Importance of Social Media as a Sportsman


Government interference also play a huge setback in the development of basketball in Nigeria, and this is coming from the perspective of “What’s in it for me” kind of attitude and the unending office bureaucracy.

“More effort at the grassroots level, less government involvement and more of facilitating and policy making, Investors should be sourced from a business angle and they need to come with a business structure and value proposition”.- Onasanya Agbolabo M- Topfield (Dark Knights) College Basketball Team


The Nigerian basketball industry needs to be more professional to attract more investors and support the growth of the sport.

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This includes setting up a transparent and effective governance structure, creating robust commercial opportunities, andoola promoting best practices in talent development and “player welfare”.

“When you put a bricklayer to work in a hairdresser salon what do you think will happen to people who wants to make their hair? This is the reality of the sports industry in Nigeria today”.- Nelson Ogbomo


The development of talented basketball players requires good coaching and training, which is often lacking in Nigeria.


Many young players lack access to quality coaching.

However there are arguably a handful number of developmental coaches nationwide who have shown dexterity in the coaching field. We’ll leave you guessing who some of them are…


This is a call on the Nigerian government[if they listen] and more private investors on the need to invest more in the sport to support talent development and infrastructure development, especially at grassroots level.


Despite the challenges, there are also several opportunities for development and progress in Nigerian basketball.

1. One of the key opportunities is the growing interest in the sport among young Nigerians.

With more young people taking interest in basketball, there is a greater potential for talent development and the emergence of new stars in the sport.

2. Another opportunity is the increasing recognition of Nigerian basketball players on the international stage.

As more Nigerian players gain exposure and recognition overseas, this can help to raise the profile of the sport in the country and attract more funding and support[With the right atmosphere].

3. There are also opportunities for collaboration and partnership between Nigerian basketball organizations, international organizations and private bodies.

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For example, the NBA has already established a presence in Nigeria, and there are several initiatives in place to help support the development of the sport in the country.

By working together, Nigerian basketball apex body, international organizations as well as private bodies can help to address some of the challenges facing the sport and create more opportunities for development and progress.

4. Sponsorship and marketing present significant opportunities for investors and businesses looking to tap into the economic potential of basketball in Nigeria.

Sponsoring basketball teams or events, as well as marketing basketball merchandise, could help businesses to reach a broader audience and promote their brand.

5. Employment opportunities are unrestricted in the basketball ecosystem.

Players, coaches, Officials, Trainers, Physio’s, Medical, Media (Social/Print), Videographers, Photographers, Content Creators, etc the list is endless.

With a conducive atmosphere for basketball to thrive, there is more to be achieved.


Conclusively, the future of basketball in Nigeria is bright.

With a growing interest in the sport and an increasing number of opportunities for development and progress, there is significant potential for the sport to continually grow in the country.

By working together and leveraging opportunities for collaboration and partnership.

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Nigerian basketball organizations, international organizations private entities and corporate bodies can help to address these challenges and support the continued growth and development of basketball.

However, the challenges earlier stated need to be addressed in good time for the required change to take full effect.

The capacity to bounce back as a power house in  African basketball stares us right in our faces.

Unarguably there is a selected few doing their bit which we would not fail to laud [Crown Elite Sports, Louis Edem Foundation, Mark D Ball and a host of others].

 In the long run this has to be a collected effort of all hands being on deck coupled with less and less of government interference (except partnership in terms of policies), to encourage the required growth sprout.

It is possible!


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