May 29, 2024

Took a long time coming, but Coach Ojobo Owoicho got us on the right pedestal by ranking some of the top centers in Nigeria Basketball at the moment.

These guys protect the rim and even do much more.

POV:” This is not a perfect list, but this gives an insight”.

“It is based on stats and other data available and is judged mainly from tournaments/championships held in the last two years (2021 and 2022)”. Coach Ojobo Owoicho

Grab some fanta, popcorn or meat pie as you read through!


Arguably the most skilled center in Nigeria at the moment Koko is one of the top centers in Nigeria basketball.

He was the Finals MVP in the just concluded final 8 organized by the FMYSD where he averaged double digits in points and rebounds.

Top centres in Nigeria Basketball

Koko also has multiple National Team appearances and plays currently for Rivers Hoopers. He is also 2x Nigerian league champion.

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Bright could pass off as the ‘Rebound King’ or ‘Scoring Champ’ either names fit perfectly. He averaged 20 points and 9.5 rebounds for Nigeria Customs during the Final 8 organized by FMYSD.

top centres in Nigeria Basketball

He then averaged 15 points with 10 rebounds per game in the Sweet sixteen of Mark D ball Championship.

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His 18 rebounds in the semi finals of Mark D’ Ball is the most by any player in a single game during the Sweet sixteen of the championship.

His 14 rebounds is also the most in the finals and he averaged 11.6 rebounds per game winning the award for the best rebounder.


He’s one of the only two players to lead their team in scoring without a 3-point shot attempt in the Sweet of Mark D Ball basketball championship.

Chibuzor knows his way around the paint and makes scoring seem easy.


He has many MVP titles in his pocket. He’s one of the strong holds for Nile University of Nigeria Spartans.

top centres in Nigeria Basketball

He Plays conveniently from any corner on the floor.


Current reigning MVP from the last NBBF final 8 tournament.

He averaged double digits in rebounds and points which was vital to Kwara Falcons in securing the Basketball Africa League ticket.

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Okay so why is “EWAOCHE CHRIS OBEKPA” not in the mix yeah?

Its a little bit disrespectful to put him on the list of top centers in Nigeria basketball, so when there’s a conversation about top players in the BAL Africa League, then we can bring him in definitely.

Make no mistakes, getting this list was hard Naija has a large chunk of  players holding it down on the court regularly, but some names just had to stand out.

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Meanwhile, who is ranked too high or  too low? Who should or shouldn’t have made the list? let’s hear in the comment section.

Stay locked on, as we bring you other top positions in the 🇳🇬 basketball scene.

Write-up Credit- Coach Ojobo Owoicho Click here to follow him on Facebook 

Image Credit: Ojobo Owoicho, Google.


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