May 21, 2024

This time around Coach Ojobo Owoicho walks us through  some of the top power forwards in Nigeria Basketball at the moment.

Larry Bird, Shawn Kemp, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and co all took on the power forward roles effortlessly.

POV:” This is not a perfect list, but this gives an insight”.

“It is based on stats and other data available and is judged mainly from tournaments/championships held in the last two years (2021 and 2022)”. Coach Ojobo Owoicho

Here’s the list of the top power forwards in Nigeria at the moment.

1. Dele Ademola

Yusuf Yten Ma’aji refered to him as the best power forward in the last 10 years and if you have ever seen him play, you can agree to that fact.

Maybe the most consistent player here too. He dropped 10rpg and 12.4ppg across five games in the sweet sixteen of Mark D’ Ball basketball championship.

He also averaged 10+ points and with same rebounds per game in the Final 8 organized by FMYSD.

2. Onyebuchi Nwaiwu

He has a glaring impact on his main team Rivers Hoopers.

top power forwards in Nigeria basketball

He played a major role for Hotcoal Ballers during the Mark D ball tournament where he averaged 13.7 points and 8 rebounds across 3 games in the sweet sixteen.

3. Chinedu Chimbou

Speed, skill, strength, this guy has it all. He is a dominant two-way player and was a great asset for Hotcoal Ballers in the multiple trophies they won over the past three years.

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4. Austin Akpejiori

He was very vital to Suleja Bulldogs during the Mark D Ball basketball championship were he recorded 10+ rebounds and points in almost every game played.

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Also a two way player, he is one of those big guys that can do a little bit of everything.

5. Malu Williams Jr.

Just count 2points whenever he gets the ball in the post.

top power forwards in Nigeria basketball

He scores well over 50% from the free throw  and has an average of 13ppg. He was the leading scorer for Police Baton Basketball Club during the Final 8 tournament organized by the FMYSD.

6. Chingka Garba

Current captain of the second best basketball college  team in this era (ABU Kings, Zaria).

top power forwards in Nigeria basketball

He was the unofficial MVP of SWA Sports game day event with 17 rebounds and 20 points.

At Mark D’Ball Basketball championship sweet 16 he posted an average of 10rpg and 10+ ppg.

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Make no mistakes, getting this list was hard Naija has a large chunk of  players holding it down on the court regularly, but some names just had to stand out.

Meanwhile, who is ranked too high or  too low? Who should or shouldn’t have made the list? let’s hear in the comment section.

Stay locked on, as we bring you other top positions in the 🇳🇬 basketball scene.

Write-up Credit- Coach Ojobo Owoicho Click here to follow him on Facebook

Image Credit: Ojobo Owoicho


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