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Topfield College a relatively unknown team in the Nigerian basketball scene as at 2019, began their journey with humble beginnings.

In recent years, they have undergone a remarkable transformation, going from the margins of the sport to clinching the Nestle Milo National Basketball Championship.

The school, located in the modest neighborhood of Ajegunle, Apapa, Lagos, faced numerous challenges in nurturing its basketball program.

Limited resources, lack of proper facilities, and the absence of experienced coaches posed significant obstacles.

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However, their passion for the sport and determination to succeed kept their dreams alive.

The road to recognition was arduous for Topfield College. Competing against well-established schools with well-funded programs seemed like an insurmountable task.

Despite their underdog status, the team persevered, tirelessly honing their skills on both home and away courts and enduring long hours of practice.

Their dedication and unwavering belief in their abilities set the foundation for their remarkable journey.

In an extraordinary twist of fate, Topfield College, formerly viewed as underdogs, defied all odds to achieve an astonishing triumph in the highly acclaimed 2023 Nestle Milo Basketball Championship.

Remarkably in their inaugural attempt, the girls’ team emerged victorious in the prestigious tournament while the boys’ team achieved consecutive successes clinching the Back-to-Back Conference Championship titles and securing their spot in the Nationals for two consecutive years.

Their triumphant journey was nothing short of a grass-to-grace transformation, capturing the hearts of basketball enthusiasts across the nation.

The transformation of Topfield College’s basketball program was marked by several pivotal moments.

With the support of a few sponsors and the community, including the building of two basketball courts by the Local Government Chairman Hon. Fatai Ayoola, the school was able to improve its training facilities to some extent and gain access to experienced coaches.

This injection of resources elevated the team’s training regimen and instilled a newfound sense of confidence and professionalism.

The school maintained trust in its coaching personnel Anokam Godspower, an alumnus of the school’s basketball program who honed his coaching skills within the program making it his launching pad for success.

Hours of focused practice, strategic game plans, and team-building exercises honed their skills and fostered an indomitable spirit.

Topfield college

The team’s chemistry on the court became seamless, with players anticipating each other’s moves and executing precise plays.

Their teamwork and resilience became the backbone of their success.

The 2023 Nestle Milo Basketball Championship served as the ultimate proving ground for Topfield College.

Match after match, they showcased their talent, defeating formidable opponents with their impeccable precision and unwavering determination.

Their style of play captivated audiences, earning them a growing legion of supporters who were inspired by their rise from obscurity.

In a thrilling showdown, Topfield College found themselves pitted against the formidable basketball powerhouse, Government Secondary School Karu (Girls), in the highly anticipated final championship game.

This highly anticipated matchup carried even greater significance as Topfield College had previously suffered a defeat against them in the opening game of the National Finals.

It was indeed a nail-biting showdown that showcased the culmination of their hard work and dedication.

Through sheer grit and a display of exceptional skill, they emerged triumphant, clinching the championship title and etching their names in Nigerian high school basketball history.

Topfield College’s victory in the 2023 Nestle Milo Basketball Championship was not merely a win for the team but a triumph for the entire school community.

Topfield college

It symbolized the power of perseverance, teamwork, and the realization of dreams against all odds.

Their remarkable journey from humble beginnings to becoming champions is a testament to the transformative impact of dedication, support, and unwavering belief.

The victory has not only brought recognition to Topfield College but has also inspired other underprivileged schools and aspiring basketball players.

It serves as a reminder that with passion, hard work, and the right support, dreams can be turned into reality.

The legacy of Topfield College’s remarkable triumph will continue to inspire generations to come, leaving an indelible mark on Nigerian basketball and the power of perseverance.

Below is their 2022/2023 season performance so far;

  • Elite Schools Cup Association (ESCA) October 2022.
    Boys….1st Place
    Girls…..2nd Place
  • Doregos Inter School Basketball Championship 2022/2023
    Boys….. Quarter Finals
    Girls…… 1st Place
  • Akofa Ivy league Basketball Championship
    Boys…..Semi Finals
    Girls….. 1st Place
  • Milo Schools Basketball Championship (State Qualifiers)
    Boys…..1st Place
    Girls……1st Place
  • Milo Schools Basketball Championship (Western Conference)
    Boys….. Conference Champions
    Girls….. Conference Champions
  • Dansol Cup 2023
    Boys…..2nd Place
    Girls….1st Place
  • Milo Schools Basketball Championship (Western Conference)
    Boys…..4th Place
    Girls….1st Place (National Champions)

From being a relatively dark horse just a year ago to being eventual knight’s in shiny armour the cinderella story always has a happy ending.

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  1. Its noteworthy that the Female Dark Knights have only lost one competitive game in the 2022/2023 Academic Session and that was to Government Sec School Karu.

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