May 19, 2024

In a groundbreaking announcement today, Olumide Oyedeji, President of the West African Basketball Classics (WABC), revealed the selection of six top-tier teams set to participate in this inaugural event.

Gidi Giants and Kwara Falcons (Nigeria), ASPAC and ELAN Coton (Benin Republic), along with Customs (Ghana) and Swallows (Togo), will showcase their talent in this exciting endeavor aimed at advancing club basketball in West Africa under FIBA Africa Zone 3.

Key Details

Event Launch:WABC unveiled during a press conference.
Participating Teams:Gidi Giants, Kwara Falcons, ASPAC, ELAN Coton, Customs, and Swallows.
Regional Commitment:WABC, driven by an independent group across Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, and Togo.

Gidi Giants Hold Tryout,Find out When

Event Phases:

– Initial Phase: Togo (February 24 to March 2)
– Second Phase: Benin Republic (April)
– Final Four: Ghana (June 8 to June 12)
– Grand Finale:Set to take place in Abuja.

The WABC promises to elevate regional basketball, providing a platform for intense competition and fostering collaboration among West African basketball clubs.

Stay tuned for thrilling matchups and a grand finale in Abuja that will undoubtedly mark a historic moment in West African basketball history.


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